Two New X-Ray Rooms Debut


When it comes to fast and responsive orthopaedic care, one of the most valuable tools is the X-Ray. It allows us to get a detailed view of the affected area so that we can make a better determination as to what procedure is necessary to best treat the injury. Orthopaedics East & Sports Medicine Center has always had X-Ray machines on site, but we’ve recently improved our technology even further by adding two new X-Ray machines in our office.  The two new, Viztek U-Arm DR System X-Ray machines enable our staff to provide better quality imaging at a much faster speed, making for shorter wait times and more reliable imaging.

How the Viztek U-Arm DR System Works

This new technology has pre-programmed settings for imaging various parts of the body. When a patient requires an X-Ray, the radiology technologist simply enters the area that needs to be imaged into a computer and the X-Ray machine calibrates based off the pre-programmed data and the patient’s physical requirements. Then, the patient simply enters the room and the X-Ray machine takes care of the rest. 

Patient Benefits

The arm of the machine swivels up, down, left and right, and can accommodate a wide range of heights and positions. Patients can be standing, sitting or lying down. The U-Arm DR X-Ray machine offers superior image quality and processes images within 3 seconds of exposure. Because of the pre-programmed positioning and ultra-fast imaging, patient wait times can be drastically reduced. Also, physicians get real-time information about injuries, allowing them to make faster treatment recommendations.

The U-Arm DR System is a wonderful compliment to many of the other technological advancements at our facility, such as our on-site MRI, traditional X-Ray machines, and fully equipped physical therapy room. Staying ahead of the curve with advancements like these enables our practice to provide superior orthopaedic and sports medicine care and allows us to focus on providing the best possible patient experience.  



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