Common Treatments & Surgeries

There are a wide variety or treatments and surgical options for common knee and lower leg conditions. In addition to minimally invasive arthroscopy procedures, ACL repairs and treatments after surgery, Orthopaedic East is also the area’s expert in total knee replacement procedures. Explore the additional resources below from AAOS to learn more about the various treatment and surgery options offered by our practice.

New Repair Technologies and Minimally Invasive Techniques

Medical technology continues to advance and is giving patients ever more options for treating conditions of the knee. In the past, for example, the only way to repair or replace components of the knee was to make a large incision and expose the entire joint. Today’s minimally invasive techniques use smaller incisions cause less physical disruption, which leads to reduced postoperative pain and faster recovery. Furthermore, advancements in the design of prosthetic devices used in joint repair and replacement have led to more durable and longer-lasting implants.

Learn more about new repair technology and minimally invasive techniques here.

Knee Replacements

Knee replacement surgery may be necessary for people with severely damaged knees due to injury or conditions such as arthritis, and it can help them find pain relief and get back to normal activities.

If you would like to know more about this procedure, click here.

Treatments & Surgeries

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Hip fractures occur in one out of every one hundred women over the age of 75.