Physical Therapy Services

Range of Motion Recovery

Loss of full range of motion after an injury can be detrimental to everyday functional ability, [Shah 2008] and our physical therapists are trained in a variety of techniques to safely restore full range of motion after surgical procedures.

Scar Tissue and Pain Management

After undergoing surgery, patients develop scars at the incision site. Although this is normal, when scar tissue attaches to underlying structures such as tendons and fascia, it can restrict movement or even cause pain. Our physical therapists are trained in using scar massage, or scar mobilization, to prevent this type of complication, remodel scar tissue, reduce pain, and even minimize scar appearance. [CTCA]

Gait Training

Our physical therapists are skilled in gait training, a type of therapy that helps standing and walking through improvements in muscle and joint strength, balance, posture, endurance, and muscle memory. These also enhance recovery and prevent further injury from falls.

Physical Therapy

We work with you to increase your ability to function, decrease pain and increase mobility. This may encompass a variety of methods, including specific exercises, manual therapy, heat treatment, ultrasound and more.

Additionally, our physical therapists are specialized in the treatment and prevention of sports-related injuries in children, collegiate, and adult athletes with programs that are individualized to the skill level, age, and condition of the individual.

Strength Training

Strength training, along with aerobic conditioning and stretching, is a vital component to successful fitness programs, and it helps improve balance and coordination and reduce the risk of injury. Our strength training can help patients learn how to maximize results while minimizing risk of injury. Orthopaedics East physical therapists are available to help any athlete develop a well-rounded fitness plan that includes strength training.

Health Education

Our physical therapists are dedicated to educating our patients in injury care, recovery, and prevention. To inquire about these services, please call 252-757-2663.

Quick Fact

Arthritis costs the United States economy $65 million in lost wages and medical care each year.