Care for Athletes

Our providers are experienced in treating high school, collegiate, and professional athletes.

Youth and High School Sports Injuries

Young athletes are particularly at risk for sports-related injuries because they are still growing and have muscles and bones that aren’t fully developed. At Orthopaedics East and Sports Medicine Center, keeping children and adolescents healthy and active is one of our top priorities because we recognize the importance of athletics in developing physical fitness, coordination, self-discipline, self-esteem, and social skills. 

You can often find our providers on the sideline under the Friday night lights at our local high school football games.

Collegiate and Professional Sports Injuries

For over 35 years, Orthopaedics East and Sports Medicine Center has proudly served as team physicians for East Carolina University Athletics. We are also proud to provide services to other collegiate and professional athletes. 

Our specialists can help prevent injuries, evaluate acute or chronic injuries, and coordinate rehabilitation and reconditioning services to get athletes healthy and back in the game. 

To make an appointment with one our of sports medicine specialists, contact us today or call 252-757-2663.

Quick Fact

The human hand, including the wrist contains 54 bones.