Joint Replacement

Joint replacement is a surgical procedure in which damaged or arthritic joints are replaced with metal, plastic, or ceramic prosthesis. These prosthetic devices can replicate the movement and function of a normal, healthy joint. Joint replacement is typically an option for most patients after more conservative treatments have failed. 

Our goal is to relieve the pain and disability our patients have with their joints and restore the quality of their health and life. 

The surgeons here at Orthopaedics East & Sports Medicine Center are experienced and highly trained in a variety of joint replacement surgical procedures. We provide the latest joint replacement techniques including anterior approach hip replacement, reverse total shoulder replacement, and other technically advanced procedures that allow us to significantly reduce the recovery time for our patients. In addition, we perform joint revisions when an implant needs to be replaced.

Areas of Expertise

Please call our office at 252-757-2663 to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians if you feel you may need a joint replacement procedure.

Quick Fact

The chances of an ACL tear by a non-athlete: 1,000 to 1.