Workers’ Compensation

Were you, or one of your employees, hurt at work?

The physicians and staff at Orthopaedics East & Sports Medicine Center are eastern North Carolina’s experts in orthopaedic care for work-related injuries covered under workers compensation (WC). We understand the unique challenges presented by workplace illnesses and injuries and the value to both the employee and employer of early intervention and comprehensive treatment.

The First 24 Hours – Time is Valuable

Early diagnosis and treatment of these types of industrial injuries is key to helping injured employees quickly return to work. A rapid return to work is also therapeutic and facilitates recovery. Our physicians and physician’s assistants (PA’s) are available to see WC injured employees within the first 24 hours of their injury and in some cases within only a few hours. Our office is equipped to provide a full evaluation and treatment plan including x-rays, physical therapy, and MRIs. We also can provide a second opinion within 30 days of a request.

A Team Approach

We believe in partnering with the employee, employer, case manager, and the insurance carrier to ensure that post-injury care and rehabilitation goes smoothly. Our physicians have extensive experience in work-related injury diagnosis and treatment.

Our services include:*

  • Assisting with triage of orthopedic injuries
  • Educating the employee and employer about the injury diagnosis and plan for care
  • Providing a contact with our office for the employee, employer and carrier
  • Facilitating authorization for treatment and surgical procedures as part of the care plan
  • Facilitating communication between employee, employer and carrier
  • Troubleshooting return to work issues
  • Monitoring medications of the employee as prescribed in their care plan

*Weekend coverage available in our Extended Care Clinic, Saturday and Sunday 10 am – 2 pm

Documentation and Communication

We provide medical notes to the employer and carrier/adjuster within 48 hours of our evaluation and each office visit including return to work issues to ensure continuity of care and case management. Our team also provides upon completion of the employee’s care partial permanent disability (ppd) case ratings when appropriate or necessary.

For more information about our workers compensation program, contact us today.