Virtual Tennis Elbow & Other Digital Conditions

It’s called tennis elbow, so you’d naturally assume that you’d have to play tennis to get it. You’d be half right, but in today’s tech-driven world, there are plenty of other non-athletic ways you can get conditions like tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and chronic upper back and neck pain.

Tennis Elbow

Despite its name, this condition is not only seen in tennis players but is also seen in other sports or recreational activities that involve repetitive stress on the muscles around the elbow, such as heavy lifting or decorating. More and more people, however, are experiencing tennis elbow as a result of repetitive movements like using a computer or playing video games.

Carpal Tunnel

It’s been long understood that poor hand position at a computer increases your risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Now, smartphone use and new repetitive movement issues through tablets and game controllers are creating all new risks for your hand and wrist. iStock_65557675_SMALL.jpg

Chronic Neck and Back Pain

Believe it or not, but every time you look down at your cell phone you put 30 pounds of additional stress on your neck. Our necks were not meant for long-term extension in a downward position. Keeping your head up and holding your phone up in front of your face will keep a lot of excess pressure off of your spinal chord and save you years of pain later Technology has helped us all connect at a much deeper level than any other time in human history, but with all of that progress comes a downside. For orthopaedic specialists, the most relevant downside for them is the increase injury as a result of new digital tech. One thing is for sure, the technology isn’t going away, but in order to stay joint health our habits need to change.

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