X-ray & MRI Imaging

Timely and accurate diagnosis is essential to quality outcomes and speedy recoveries. We use advanced X-ray and MRI imaging technologies to ensure you – our friends and neighbors – leave our practice with confidence and peace of mind of knowing your orthopedic care plan is right for you.

MRI Imaging

Orthopaedics East & Sports Medicine Center features a 1.5T mobile MRI system that is located on our premises and is available Monday-Saturday for the convenience of our patients. Highly trained radiologists read and interpret the images in conjunction with our doctors to chart the best treatment plan. You can arrange appointments with our staff.


MRI which stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a commonly used diagnostic system in Orthopaedics that works with magnetic fields and radio waves and not radiation to produce high-resolution images of bones and soft tissues. Orthopaedics East & Sports Medicine Center features a 1.5T mobile MRI system that is accredited by the American College of Radiology.  It is located on our premises and is available Monday through Saturday for the convenience of our patients.


Having MRI services on-site allows us to seamlessly integrate your care plan in an affordable and convenient setting.  We offer flexible and timely scheduling and our providers are able to obtain results quickly so that a diagnosis and treatment plan can be developed to get patients on the road to recovery.


MRI exams often take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete. Patients lie as motionless as possible on a table that slides into the tube-shaped MRI scanner. The MRI creates a magnetic field around you and then pulses radio waves to the area of your body to formulate the detailed images. Patients should not feel any pain while undergoing an MRI, but the machine may be noisy.  If you need to undergo a study, please let your care partners know if you have a pacemaker, implants, metal clips, or other metal objects in your body.



Digital X-ray is often one of the first steps to diagnosing and creating a treatment plan right for you. More dense matter such as bones and calcifications will appear white or light, because they absorb the radiation. Less dense soft tissues and breaks in a bone let radiation pass through, making these parts look darker on the X-ray film. 


As an organization, one of our values is Innovation. We recently completed the installation of 2 new, state-of-the-art, digital X-ray rooms from Konica Minolta.

  • Our new rooms are designed to increase patient comfort and reduce the time to acquire high-definition radiological images.
  • Our high-definition digital X-ray detectors deliver superb image quality at a lower dose than traditional x-rays.
  • Our elevating tables can be lowered to simplify access and move up automatically to optimize positioning to increase your comfort and provide high definition radiographic images safely.
  • Our advanced X-ray system combines automation and image processing software to image legs, spine and even the whole body in a short exam.
  • Our advanced wall-stand can acquire high-quality x-rays while you are standing or sitting to help acquire high-definition digital X-rays quickly and with minimal discomfort.


Your Orthopaedic East Care Team utilizes the latest advancements in digital X-ray technology and, when appropriate, MRI imaging to support with your accurate diagnosis and patient-centered orthopedic care.

MRI vs. X-ray

X-ray is generally sufficient for evaluating bones and identifying fractures. MRI is a more effective way of imaging the soft tissues, including muscles, ligaments, and tendons. As many orthopedic issues impact both the relevant bones and connecting joints, X-ray and MRI is often used in combination for accurate diagnosis and care.

Scheduling an X-ray or MRI 

Your Orthopaedics East Surgeon and Care Team will advise you on your X-ray and MRI imaging needs. Please call our office at (252) 757-2663 or request an appointment below to schedule your consultation today.

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